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How Does Food Affect Your Mood?

Amy Fox, Certified Nutritionist, and Founder, Food and Mood Lab, explains how food choices affect your performance.

There's a lot of information about food. However, missing largely from the public conversation is food and mood. Clearly, how we choose to fuel our bodies directly impacts how we feel and how we show up in all areas of our life. Food is our body’s fuel and it’s vital to make choices that allow you to perform better, boost energy, improve focus, and reduce stress.

To educate the public and practitioners about food and its impact on mood, Certified Nutritionist Amy Fox founded the Food and Mood Lab, including her Master Your Mood video series with food and wellness tips and information on how to boost energy, live healthy and feel great.

"I'm bringing authentic stories and real-world strategies to tools to help people dial in their nutrition," Fox says. "This inspired me to create something people can really chew on, so to speak."

Fox's Food and Mood Lab covers topics like:

How are you feeling?
Did you know? What you're peeling is linked to what you're feeling! In this class, we'll look at the macro and micro nutrition and its likely mood outcome after digestion. High performers need high-quality nutrition.

How are you sleeping?
Did you know? Energy is directly linked to restorative sleep and rest. In this class, we'll discuss the connection between digestion, energy dips, and do's and don'ts about recharging your body for the day ahead.

How are you relaxing?
More people are abstaining or cutting back on alcohol to improve their health and save money. Amy shares recipes for sober-curious mocktails that enhance rather than diminish performance.

How are you moving?
Did you know? The myth around diets is, "Cut your carbs." In fact, your body needs proteins, carbs, and fats to grow, fight disease, and age gracefully. In this class, you'll learn how to 'keep it real' regarding fitness trends and fads.

Is your energy low or high?
Did you know? Your energy is directly related to your last meal. In this class, we'll discuss nutritional timing and why your afternoon slump is no accident — and is completely reversible with three easy rules.

Do you light up your life?
Did you know? Light affects your hormones and can impact your energy levels. In this class, you'll learn how light impacts your digestive system, hormonal changes, and more. So turn off your phones, minimize your blue lights and learn how to lighten up your life less and tune more into the sun and the moon. Your belly will thank you!

“You aren't alone. Social media feels shallow. We all could use a dose in keeping it real, whether that's real food or real conversations. You've found the right place to just be yourself," coaches Amy Fox.

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